What is Lanius CMS?

Lanius CMS is a light-weight content management system (CMS) with one of the best performance and broadest host compatibilities in the CMS field. It comes out of the box with two flatfile database choices (Gladius DB and SQLite) and does not need third party databases although it supports all of them. It is ideal for those hosts that do not have a RDMS (Relational Database Management System) such as MySQL, as is the case in almost every freely hosted site. Its target solutions span from a small website to the most complex portal or web application; it can be easily backed up with it's own SQL file and/or complete backup so that maintenance and data recovery is a matter of seconds.

Lanius CMS is open-source and available to everybody for free!

Lanius CMS is suitable for a wide range of target solutions, spanning from small personal websites to complex commercial applications.

This is an example listing of possible Lanius CMS applications:

  • Community-based portals
  • Personal or family homepages
  • Corporate intranets and extranets
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Non-profit and organizational websites
  • School and church websites
  • Corporate websites or portals
  • Government applications

The standard Lanius CMS package is simple, easy to install and does not require any programming skills to setup. Once installed it is very easy to perform the most common tasks such as adding or editing content, managing photos or file downloads and administering forums. The simple web-based interface allows users to add new press releases or news items, manage staff pages and static content, job listings, product images, and create an unlimited number of sections and content pages on the website.

Lanius CMS will adapt to your server capabilities and resources; it will work out-of-the-box with PHP4 and PHP5, forget your migration troubles. Your Lanius CMS on PHP4 will work without any compatibility issues when moved to PHP5. Also, it is extremely easy to make a backup with a flatfile database and then restore it on MySQL or any other database system.


Lanius CMS is a powerful combination of speed, security, ease of use, flexibility and extreme customization capabilities.

See also Features.


Lanius CMS has a tight security layer and strict PHP coding policy that grants top security in all client-server operations. New modules, components and drabots are always verified for security and certified by the Lanius CMS Team before being officially released.

Multiple database support

Lanius CMS can operate with any database system supported by adoDB lite. If you do not have a professional database system, the Gladius DB system is embedded and always available for simple text-based flatfile database support. This is an extremely important feature on limited hosts where a professional database system is often implemented at an additional cost.

A complete list of supported database systems can be found in Database.


Lanius CMS is particularly useful for limited shared hostings, and for PHP hosts where some functions are disabled. Lanius CMS will work on any PHP4.3 installation, and will always take advantage of PHP4/PHP5 libraries where available.

Users hierarchy

Lanius CMS has a hierarchical diversification of its users which takes into account the role of each. The top of the hierarchy starts with the Administrator and moves downward to the simple website visitor, allowing a full customization of each user type's services and access rules.

See also User groups.

W3C standards compliance

Lanius CMS output pages are W3C standards compliant, allowing the widest range of compatibility.


The interface messages can be internationalized by installing various language packages; language and timezone are automatically recognized.

Highly customizable

Creating your own add-on takes only a few minutes! Read our tutorials and learn how to do it yourself. Your PHP code can be easily packed in Installation packages and delivered worldwide! Each add-on can be customized in its own style through the usage of CSS stylesheets.

Full backup and restore

Lanius CMS can be fully backed up and restored (both files and database) and downloaded locally using the TarBackup feature. The files can be stored safely, and are then available to upload and restore when needed.

See also Backup.


Lanius CMS can contain any number of subsites, each subsite does not replicate the CMS files so does not waste available storage space! Child subsites can be fully customized and assigned to different managers.

See also Subsites.


Lanius CMS is free, open, and available to all under the GPL license.


Lanius CMS is released under the GNU General Public license version 2, abbreviated as GNU/GPL or GNU/GPLv2. The license provides for a person or persons to distribute Lanius CMS for a fee, but to actually not charge for the software itself as Lanius CMS is free. Lanius CMS is free to share and change, but, what if I change it in anyway, can I also change the license and make it commercial? The answer is: No! The whole GPL is devoted to ensuring this does not happen. Copyright, a much more refined and stringent law will prevent this as well.

You MAY distribute it and charge for that service. You MAY change it, add design and content to it and you MAY charge for that. You may NOT alter the license and you must NOT alter the copyright.

In other words, you must NOT pretend that Lanius CMS is yours, and you must NOT charge people for Lanius CMS.

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